How energy companies create energy

There are multiple methods to collect and create energy in our world. Many companies have harvested this energy to make the electricity that heats and cools your home, lights the streets, provides you with internet access, and even allows you to purchase things without cash on hand. Electricity is a very big part of our modern life but where does electricity come from and how does the electric companies harvest it for us to use. Electricity is something that we often take for granted, but the process of getting the power from the source to your home is much more complicated than it seems.

Fossil Fuels: Fossil fuels such as coal and oil are among the very first methods used to create electricity and motion. Coal has been used for centuries to heat homes and power factories and trains. Coal, gasoline, nuclear power, and oil can be burned to produce a steam turbine that will turn a spinning electrical generator. Fossil fuels have gotten a bad reputation over the past few decades, because of the noxious emissions that can cause disease.

Renewable energy: Green or renewable energy sources like wind, hydroelectric dam, and solar energy are energy sources taken from nature and they won’t pollute the air in the way that coal or other fossil fuels will. Renewable energy sources are also ones that are not in limited supply and easily harvested , unlike fossil fuels which often require mining or drilling.Gathering power from the sun, wind, or water is safe for the environment because there is no danger of pollution in the air or water. The methods of getting green energy resources is much safer for employees than gathering fossil fuels which can lead to cave ins.

Waste-to-Energy: Waste to Energy is considered to be a renewable energy source by some, but can be thought as a large pollution spewing plant by other environmentalists. Waste to Energy takes the waste that people produce every day and burning it to convert it into electricity. While many environmentalists feel like this emits a large amount of carbon dioxide that is bad for the environment, the waste will break down into carbon dioxide over time anyway if it were to sit in a landfill for several years. There is still much debate over whether this is a clean renewable resource or not.

The energy companies take the electricity created by the various methods and takes it from the generator to a transmission substation. The substation uses transformers to convert the power into the voltage that is needed to travel long distances. The electric charge is then sent along the wires of the transmission grid and then is sent to the distribution grid, whose hub is the distribution substation. The distribution substation lowers the voltage of the electricity so that it can be converted to be used in homes and businesses. The power travels to the distribution bus which then sends power to the distribution or otherwise known as power lines. These power lines bring power to your home and allow you to do all the wonderful things that you can do and enjoy with electricity. Energy companies help to make our lives at home and work easier by making energy available to the masses.